Traditionally, our staffing services have been supported by locally based teams of administrators. We decided this was the best structure as it allowed our sales teams to focus only on selling. Analysing our business against best practice it was clear that, as a total percentage of cost, our admin teams’ loading was excessive. At the same time, we were not making optimal use of the technology and processes needed to achieve exceptional accuracy and delivery to tight deadlines.

This is when we engaged with Outsourcing Wizard. They understood our needs, and were able to work with us to design a best practice template. After an initial setup and handover period, we now have a very different business structure and are experiencing lower costs of administration and data management. Regular reporting and ongoing communication from Outsourcing Wizard are keeping us in control of the quality of our deliverables. I recommend Outsourcing Wizard without hesitation.

Richard Pickard
Director, Financial Services
Oliver James Group
United Kingdom



Since inception, our business had entrusted all aspects of our staffing and recruitment service delivery to our specialist consultants; this, by definition, included operational and administration-related tasks.

Outsourcing Wizard enabled us to review our value chain and remove high-cost admin duties from our consultants’ desks. We effectively delegated to their teams the processes that did not directly generate profits and refocused our consultants to closing new deals and delighting our existing customers.

We are not only experiencing lower costs of delivery and increase in output quality, but we also have measurable improvements in consultant productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

Philip Kingdom
Founder & Managing Director
Gen 5 Group (PRA, bubbleHub, enginuity, HubExec, Strategi)



Strategically and operationally, iProfile is more than a technology provider: we are a Services organisation supported by technology and people-powered processes. Because of that, Outsourcing Wizard is key to differentiating our own value proposition. 

We will generally partner with Outsourcing Wizard to streamline and lower total delivery costs using a balanced mix of software and service. Their highly-skilled team is adept to using our technology so that our clients can see financial and time-to-market benefits from day one.

Outsourcing Wizard allows us to confidently deploy a solution which is not only a software installation, but a transformative platform. 

Ben Macpherson
Service Delivery Manager
iProfile Pty Ltd